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Our Work

Below are just a few samples of our professional body of work, movie trailers, scenes from movies and tv shows.  One thing you will notice, everything we do is top notch.  Drama, horror, comedy, family films, Best Shot Reels can do it.

Festivals & Reviews

Actors nd Actresses

"The Director takes one of the most incomprehensible plot lines I have ever heard of and spins it into one of the most brilliant and "bloody" heartfelt masterpieces I have ever been privy to witness on screen."


"a rare gem that seems to do everything right...  No time is wasted and the director masterfully tells his story on a tiny budget, even though you could never tell watching it...  With brilliant filmmaking and amazing performances, this film is destined to become a classic.


This is a kick-ass film that will leave you wanting more. Congrats to Writer/Director and his entire cast and crew for creating one of the most entertaining films I have seen in a long time.


Demo Reel 1
Demo Reels 2
Showreel 1
Action Demo Reels for Stuntmen
Horror scenes for actors demo reels
Comedy Scenes for acting showreels
Demos for Models Reels
Acting 101
Female Action Scenes
Thriller Demo Reels Scenes
Reels for Actresses and Actors
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