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Founder / Producer

In 2008, I started "Best Shot Reels" a company that produced scenes for actors reels. I enjoyed it, because it challenged me to shoot guerilla style and with limited resources. My scenes opened great opportunities for some very talented actors, while I discovered some raw talent for my own films. It was a win win. However my professional work got very busy and my scene business took a back seat.   


In 2009 to 2010 I Directed two seasons of the hit Spike Tv Series, "DEADLIEST WARRIOR" where I honed my skills directing and choreographing elaborate action scenes. In, 2015 my 2nd feature "SAVAGED "was a hit with critics, and distributed worldwide, available at Redbox, pay-per-view, Chiller channel and all major cable and dish networks..  In 2018, I directed and wrote the "THE RUSSIAN BRIDE" starring Corbin Bernsen ("La Law" "The Dentist" "Major  League"), released by Vertical Entertainment in 2019 and on Showtime.  


Developing movies takes time, often years, and so I have decided to restart Best Shot Reels; a production company, that will bring together aspiring actors with accomplished filmmakers, to create first rate showreels that are unequaled in production quality and artistry.

Producer Director Showreel
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