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We are located in Encino, California

Founder / Producer

In 2008, I started "Best Shot Reels" a company that produced scenes for actors reels. I enjoyed it, because it challenged me to shoot guerilla style and with limited resources. My scenes opened great opportunities for some very talented actors, while I discovered some raw talent for my own films. It was a win win. However my professional work got very busy and my scene business took a back seat.   


In 2009 to 2010 I Directed two seasons of the hit Spike Tv Series, "DEADLIEST WARRIOR" where I honed my skills directing and choreographing elaborate action scenes. In, 2015 my 2nd feature "SAVAGED "was a hit with critics, and distributed worldwide, available at Redbox, pay-per-view, Chiller channel and all major cable and dish networks..  In 2018, I directed and wrote the "THE RUSSIAN BRIDE" starring Corbin Bernsen ("La Law" "The Dentist" "Major  League"), released by Vertical Entertainment in 2019.  


Developing movies takes time, often years, and so I have decided to restart Best Shot Reels; a production company, that will bring together aspiring actors with accomplished filmmakers, to create first rate showreels that are unequaled in production quality and artistry.

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